The Protein myth

Protein is an essential component of nutrition.

Sixteen percent of it comprises the average human body. It is important.
A common misconception is that vegans do not gain enough protein through plants alone.

Many fitness and nutrition articles will inform you that the richest source of protein is meat and other animal products. What many of these articles fail to mention is where meat aquires its high levels of protein.

The protein taken from eating meat comes from the plants that the animal has eaten. Humans are perfectly capable of eating plants and grains and turning these directly into proteins.

The Myth

As important as it is, we do not require as much protein as we think.The British Heart Foundation estimates that on average we consume almost double the amount of protein we need on a daily basis and recommends 0.75grams per kilo of body weight, which is an average of just 55g.

The recommended daily amount of protein can be achieved with a diet containing staples such as rice, wheat, plantain, sweet potato alongside vegetables and fruit for vitamin intake. This covers the main proteins needed to ensure you get all 9 essential amino acids to maintain healthy function.

Numerous studies have linked excessive animal protein intake linked to numerous illnesses and diseases including cancer, type two diabetes, osteoporosis and cardiovascular diseases.

 A Meat Free Diet

As well as being significantly healthier for you, some of the numerous benefits to a meat-free diet include the combat of climate change  Meat production takes far more resources to feed, water, rear, slaughter animals than it does to produce the same amount of nutrients through plants.

Consequently, we at Aryan Produce believe it is both immoral and unhealthy to eat a meat-fueled diet. Why would you, when access to protein is so simple, and so much better for you in every conceviable way?

Reasons for this very, simple curiosity as to how diverse and tasty a meal can be without the fall back of meats, to concerns for animal welfare. You can find some of our delicious example recipes and dishes here.

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